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Official Site Of Tania Da Silva

Past, Present, And Future


          Tania began singing at an early age, 4 yrs old to be exact.  She would copy the songs on the radio and her family would be amazed at how she picked them up so quickly.  She picked up on musical instruments such as the violin at age 6, accordian at age 8 and continued to develop her singing in school and provincial choirs that her music teachers would send her to.
" It was a great experince and a good eye opener to see that I had a lot to work on as I watched the older singers perform."
Tania began attending a performing arts junior high at the age of 13.  It was a way to increase her skills in singing and also pick up on acting and dancing.  In her first year she received solo parts in the Christmas and Spring performances, and in her second year she received the lead in both as well.  In her third and finally year she played Rizzo in their interpretation of Grease and Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.
" It was like a dream playing Dorothy.  All of my life I watched the movie and to play my favourite character is something I will always cherish."
Tania decided that she wanted to focus more on her academics in high school so she could be accepted into a good university where she could study music.

Tania grew up in a portuguese household where she not only learnt english but also her native tongue of portuguese.  She not only spoke it but began singing at events around her community.  Her singing ability managed to get her shows around Winnipeg and eventually around Canada.  Not only that, but she also won 2nd place in two National Singing contests in Portugal winning her trips and trophies.
Tania has also performed with other artists in her community and in performances in Canada with Henrique Sipriano, Os Panteras, Nelia, Michelle, Sarah Pacheco, Starlight, and for the President of Portugal.
She has also had the pleasure to sing with a few artists in Portugal such as Agata, Tony Carreira, Maria Lisboa, Micaela, Ribeira Lima and others.


Magoada De Amor

 1.  Magoada de Amor
 2.  Eu Sem Ti
 3.  Nao Posso Amar-te Assim
 4.  Meu Rapaz Portugues
 5.  Espero Por Ti
 6.  Conta-me A Verdade
 7.  Mexe Pra Ca Mexe Pra La
 8.  Minha Gente
 9.  Guitarra Fadista
10. Remember Me

Did you know?
Not only is Tania a talented singer, great performer, but she also wrote and produced many of the songs on her Cd. It's TRUE! Over half the songs featured on the cd were written by Tania herself. How does she do it you ask?
" I love to sing my own lyrics because it means so much more to me because I know the feelings that were behind all of the words on the music sheets instead of just improvising. I write about anything and everything, past, present and future."